Monday, August 5, 2013


Recently a friend of mine asked me to take him fragrance shopping. After we met in the city on Saturday I quizzed him a bit about what he was looking for, or what he has worn in the past, and it became clear straight away that he wanted to try something less run of the mill. So we started off in one of my favourite fragrances destinations in Sydney, the large Mecca Cosmetica concession in the Myer department store, which stocks a range of interesting brands that are otherwise very hard to find here in Oz.

Fortunately one of my favourite staff, Prue (who I mentioned in this post back in January) was working, and she helped us out. I thought Chris might really like some of the Comme de Garçons line after he mentioned that he quite liked woody fragrances and was keen to try something a little bit more edgy. After some fun blind sampling it turned out that Chris's pick was the original Comme de Garçons EDP.

Atta boy! So. Proud.

We tried a bunch of other fragrances, and in the David Jones department store Chris took quite a liking to both Arabian Wood and Sahara Noir by Tom Ford. However he kept coming back to the Comme de Garçons and how it was emerging on his wrist.

I joked about it when he had first asked for my help, referring to him as my fragrance Padawan, but in truth I was really pleased and a tiny bit touched to be asked. What became clear over the few hours that we visited a bunch of stores and tried different things was how much fun he was having. Sailing past the mass market fragrance counters, he got a taste of some of the works of art that are out there.

Thinking about it afterwards it struck me just how great it is to share the joy of fragrance with people. It's not dissimilar to writing this blog, or reading others and watching youtube review clips (as I sometimes do). Ultimately it's all about sharing ideas, and hopefully introducing each other to a little bit of joy under a stopper.

And I am more than happy with that.

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