Monday, August 20, 2012


 Within the past week the post office has delivered an embarrassment of riches...

Andy Tauer 6 sample tin set.
First off a beautifully presented set of 6 samples from Swiss independent perfumer Andy Tauer.

Fantastic presentation, with an information sheet on each sample.
Tauer has had a lot of success with one of his fragrances in particular, L'Air Du Desert Marocain so of course I had to select that as one of the samples. So far I've only sampled 2 of them, and I'll be writing up my thought on all of them soon.

Then today I was stoked this afternoon to find an envelope in my letterbox from Meredith of Sweet Anthem in Seattle, USA.

Glassine envelope of samples from Sweet Anthem.
I ordered the 3 masculine scents that Meredith currently has in the range. I thought all 3 would be in the oil format, but Meredith included one of them as a solid fragrance.

In hindsight I'm pleased she did, because it'll give me an opportunity to try that format. She also included a bonus free sample in the solid format of one of her feminine scents, which I had a quick sniff of and it was lovely. I haven't skin tested any of them yet, but I'll be reviewing those too when I do.

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